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"Specializing in Small Business and Entrepreneur Bookkeeping"

After All Your Business Is Unique, Shouldn't Your Bookkeeping Be Too ? 

Personal Attention

One-on-one personal meetings that cover whatever information you need. We do not multi-task clients. When you are with one of our specialists you receive 100% of our attention. We know how frustrating it can be when you are in a meeting and you know that the other person is not giving you their full attention. This becomes an even bigger issue if you are asking for help or an explanation about your business. You have our promise that you will have our full attention. The most important thing to us is you. Without you there would be no us. We want to be your partner in your successful business.

Client Participation

We can show you what your options for keeping your books are so that you can be as involved or as removed from the process as you would like. We know this can vary greatly from client to client. If you want to go over you end of moth reports line by to understand them then that is what we do. If you want to spend your monthly meeting covering questions about transaction's we can do that too. Maybe you just want us to show you how to do something, Great we would love to show you. We don't recommend it, But if you don't want to meet monthly that is also an option. This IS all about you.

Ease Of Service

Your experience is tailored to you. We help to keep your finances in order without all the stress that can come with it. Don't get us wrong we will have questions. We also have tools in place to make those times easy while also being completely secure. We do not operate our business in email. We know you do not need that stress of even more items cluttering up your inbox. Besides email is not a secure form of communication and security of your information is one of our top priorities. Our happy space portal that you can access from any page on our website is your secure access to answer questions, ask questions, and upload and download documents securly. 

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