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Why Choose Us ?

There are two things we really enjoy.

The first thing we really enjoy is helping people.

The second thing we really enjoy is numbers.

Yes, we have been known to crunch a spreadsheet or two. Mind you we don't do things that way now. We opened this business as we discovered we could put the two things we love to do together, and here we are.

Helping our clients is rule number one around here. That is part of the reason we don't offer pretty little packages around here. As you have seen elsewhere on our site and we really do believe this. Your business is unique. We hope your business is your joy. Hopefully even your means to your why.

That is why we custom tailor your package just for you. We have to work a little harder to determine just what that is, and we think you are worth the effort. We are not talking about just a one time evaluation either. Your package will change with how you do business today and for how you will do business tomorrow. You just cannot put that into a package. It isn't fair to you or your business.

We have another top priority around here and that is security. We do not do business in email. We don't trust it so we don't use it. Instead we have state of the art tools and portals that are using today's top security algorithms for communication, document transfers, and document storage. It is not good enough to just be secure during communication or document transfer. All that data has to be secure at rest. There is one good thing about not using email. You don't have to worry about losing an important communication in your inbox.

These secure tools have another purpose as well. To simplify your life. Nothing lost in email. No I never want to see this paper pile again type of help. It is hard enough just keeping up with the day to day activities of your business. If we can simplify any process we do. We also work with some third party vendors that we feel do business the way we do. We can't have a tool for everything to make your life easier. We can find some help that can.

Now we do have some unique tools that you won't find at most accounting firms. We have tools where we can design and host your website. This would include everything from a website like we have here to sales funnels, ecommerce, blogs, membership sites, and just about anything else you can think of. We can setup lead capture and autoresponders and so much more. These are services that we will only offer to our monthly clients. That way we can offer it for a reduced price from what you would find it for on the open market.

In the near future we are also going to be adding some advisory services for cyber security. It is a shame but this is now something every business owner has to think about. There will be more to come on this service later. We just know this is not always at the top of mind for smaller business owners. We want to help you with this as well. It can be catastrophic to a small business. The numbers are a little scary.

I hope this gives you some idea what we are all about. If you have any questions just visit our contact page. You can schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you. There is a button on top of every page and one right below. You can call us if you like. We will help any business owner that operates in the United States.

We look forward to helping you!

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